The latest innovation in boat angling

hook-on Rod Holder ®
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The latest innovation in boat angling.

Designed by a fisherman for fishermen and fisherwomen.

hook-on Rod Holder.

The name says it all.

It takes just 3 seconds to hook on a holder and lock it on.

Simply slip the holder onto the hand rail, slip in the pin, to hold it on.

The difference between a hook-on Rod Holder and other rod holders on the market are.

1. No clamps.

2. No holes.

3. No drilling.

4. No fasteners.

The hook-on Rod Holder is designed to suit most leading boat manufactures, a standard hand rail of 25mm and are made from 6mm 316 stainless steel rod, formed to a shape to hold a rod butt up to 35mm. PVC tubing added to leg rests to protect painted boats. 

Some of the benefits of the hook-on Rod Holder are: –

1. When the actions all out one side, what good is a fixed rod holder on the wrong side !

with a hook-on Rod Holder they can be moved over in seconds.

2. At the end of the day fishing, simply remove and stow away.

3. Got a buddy on-board, pull out a spare hook-on rod holder,

cause a rod in a holder is safer than resting against the side.